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Gir is Cupcake LOVE!!!
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This is me!!
This is Timmy!!
This is Snorkel.
This is Gracie.
This is Emily Kathleen & Hippo
This is Klairissa Jaleen.
This is Sabrina Scharlet-Rose.

Well I'm Sami. I sing show tunes in bed with my wonderful dear Timmy. I'm a complete retard for him. I say stupid things and he finds them adoreable. He thinks I'm the most popular girl in the universe. I'm not but I induldge him with the thought anytime I get the chance. I read random internet sites. One of my hobbies is to go to google image search and put in a word at random and look at all the neat pictures I find. I also read websites on corsets and corset making. I'd love to make one someday. I love ball gowns and royalty gowns. Dresses with full skirt and petticoats and bloomers. I am Aimara Baratzuri in the SCA. I have several friends in it and Timmy is in the SCA. I think it could be a new learning experiance. I can't really cook. I cook enough as to not enable death to take me over. I have three daughters. Emily Kathleen (6 weeks), Klairissa Jaleen (6), and Sabrina Scharlet-Rose (5). I am expecting my only son, Devlin George, anytime now. I also have 4 cats, Onyx Rayven (Black) and Draven Rayne (Grey and White). They live with my Ex Joe. Timmy and I have Hippo (Orange and White), Snorkel (Black), Dewey (White Husky Mix), and Henry (Basset, Lab, Sharpei Mix). I drive a blue Crysler Town & Country . I collect stickers of all sorts. I like to put them on my plastic vintage suitcases. I'm pretty crafty. I am just a typical girl who hangs out with typically odd people. We are hoping to get a house in the next year or so. I'm planning on going to TVI/CNM (local community collage) and take Paramedics. I'm rather excited about that. Other than that I'm just me.